Better Manage Your Customer Service Team

Get insights into your customer service team’s performance with powerful tools that will help you analyze and better manage your customer support, and enable you to offer your customers a better customer support experience.

Customer service team

Help your customer service team offer better customer support with ReplyDesk

Personal Inboxes for your agents

Give each teammate a personal inbox and help them keep track of their tasks. Inboxes include a built-in ticket counter to help you monitor every agent’s performance, and a mentions filter to view tickets where you've been mentioned.

Built-in collision detection

The built-in collision detection feature automatically displays when another teammate is typing or viewing a particular ticket to prevent your customer support helpdesk team from replying to the same ticket twice.

Automatically assign tickets

Use custom ticket conditions to automatically assign incoming tickets to agents from your support team. Your customer service team will be able to respond to customer queries more efficiently, with faster and more organized replies.

Internal notes and mentions

Add private notes to the conversation that only you and your team can see, with built-in functionality for individual agent mentions that alert your agents automatically whenever their attention is needed on a particular ticket or conversation.

Keep your customer support team and tickets organized

One Inbox for Managing Customer Support on all Your Selling Channels
Whether you’re selling on Amazon, eBay, or another one of the internet’s leading online retail, social media, or shopping cart platforms, ReplyDesk’s ecommerce helpdesk app gives your support agents a better way to manage tickets across platforms.

Customizable Views
Tailor your inbox view to your agent’s needs with customizable personalized filters, and better manage and organize your tickets to give your agents a more streamlined customer support experience.

Time Left to Reply Timers
Use customizable countdown timers to monitor, analyze, and improve your customer support team’s response times.

Customer support team

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Teams ticketing system

Track response time, performance, and trends

Analyze Your Team's Performance
Track your team's performance with a variety of in-platform charts, insights, resolved ticket reports, and more. Evaluate trends and more easily spot opportunities to improve your team’s productivity.

Utilize Data to Make Better Decisions
Keep an eye out for problems on a daily basis, and identify trends that can help you make more informed decisions in various areas of your business – from pre-sales service and after-sale support, to review generation and inventory management.

Manage your customer service team's user permissions

Assign custom permissions to each agent on your customer service team, and delegate responsibilities in a more organized fashion. Keep sensitive information such as passwords safe and secure, while still granting access to specific marketplace accounts, tools, and various features.

Team support ticketing system

Scale Your Customer Service Team With ReplyDesk HelpDesk Ticketing System

Customer service team help desk

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I assign team members to specific selling channels?

Yes, you can! You can assign team members to specific selling channels, so that they only receive notifications for the channels that they're responsible for. This helps to keep your team organized and ensures that everyone is only seeing the messages that they need to see.

Can I manage my teams permissions?

Yes, you have full control over your teams permissions. You can add or remove team members, change their roles, and give them access to specific integrations or features.

Which parts of my customer support can I automate with ReplyDesk?

You can automate customer support in a number of ways with ReplyDesk. You can set up auto-responders to reply to messages immediately, set up auto-messages to send shipping information or updates to customers, and use canned responses to quickly reply to common questions. You can assign messages to team members, create support ticket workflows, and use our smart automation rules to automate tasks like order follow-ups. Plus, you can use email templates to create standard responses to save even more time.

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