Get More Positive Feedback with Automated Review Requests

Get more positive reviews and feedback with ReplyDesk's built-in automated review requests, so you can increase conversions and boost your products’ visibility anywhere you choose to sell.

Automated review

Setting Up Automated Reviews for Your eCommerce Business with ReplyDesk

Step 1: Connect your sales channel

Connect your desired selling channel with ReplyDesk through a simple and quick one-time setup.

Step 2: Setup your review request

Define your automated review request, the one that ReplyDesk will automatically send to customers.

Step 3: ReplyDesk will take care of the rest!

ReplyDesk will prompt buyers to leave positive feedback with smart automated review requests.

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Keep your eBay feedback on the right track with eBay feedback automation

Personalize your feedback requests to increase customer engagement, no matter how many customers you wish to send automated feedback requests to. Receive more positive feedback and increase your sales with ReplyDesk's eBay feedback automation tool.

  • Send feedback requests to buyers automatically.
  • Respond to feedback you receive quickly and easily.
  • Automatically leave your own feedback for buyers.
eBay feedback automation
Automated Amazon reviews

Automated Amazon reviews and feedback that are in line with Amazon's policies


Get more positive buyer reviews on Amazon too with ReplyDesk’s automated feedback tool by automating Amazon’s built-in “Request A Review” feature. No more clicking through each order one by one to request positive feedback from buyers – now, you can fully automate your feedback requests while remaining 100% compliant with Amazon’s feedback policies.

Get more reviews on Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce, and many more selling channels!


ReplyDesk’s automated review software can help increase your reviews on Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce, and many other leading eCommerce platforms. Our automated review request tool makes it easy to get more reviews, and eliminates the need to manually send out request to each customer and order. Simply connect your account, setup your feedback request message and ReplyDesk will take care of the rest!

Automated review software

Automated review requests increase sales and create trust


increase in positive review from customers who’ve had a positive experience after they receive an email.


of customers will check online reviews beforehand and prior to making any online purchase.


of customers will reach out and contact customer service before leaving a negative review.

Get more positive feedback and reviews with ReplyDesk's automated review system.

Automated review request

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the automated feedback/review request tool?

The automated feedback/review request tool is a great way to get feedback from your customers automatically. You can set up the tool to send feedback or review requests after an order is placed, after a support ticket is closed, or on a schedule that you specify. The tool makes it easy to get valuable feedback from your customers so that you can improve your account's health and increase product visibility.You can automate customer support in a number of ways with ReplyDesk. You can set up auto-responders to reply to messages immediately, set up auto-messages to send shipping information or updates to customers, and use canned responses to quickly reply to common questions. You can assign messages to team members, create support ticket workflows, and use our smart automation rules to automate tasks like order follow-ups. Plus, you can use email templates to create standard responses to save even more time.

Can I set up auto-responders for my eBay and Amazon customers?

Yes! You can set up auto-responders for when you're away or unavailable to reply to messages immediately. You can also set up auto-responders to send shipping information or updates to customers. Plus, you can use our smart automation rules to automate tasks like order follow-ups.

How many integrations, marketplaces, and eCommerce selling channels do you offer?

We offer 10+ integrations and are always adding more marketplaces, selling channels and social media platforms to provide the most comprehensive eCommerce helpdesk solution possible. If we don’t have an integration available, you can still manage customer inquiries by integrating the email accounts where you receive those messages. You can check out our full list of integrations here.

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