A Smart Helpdesk for eBay Sellers to Offer Better Customer Support

ReplyDesk is an all-in-one helpdesk and order management solution made for sellers who want to take their customer service and support to the next level. ReplyDesk seamlessly integrates into any number of eBay selling accounts, and gives you a wide variety of tools and features to help you better manage customer support for your eBay business across the board.

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Take Control of Every Aspect of Your Customer Service with ReplyDesk’s eBay Helpdesk

Consolidate all the support tickets and customer queries from eBay and all your selling channels into one shared mailbox, and improve customer service across all your selling accounts. Assign tickets to the correct service agent, prioritize help requests, and get better insights into problems and recurring issues, so you can offer your customers a better buying experience – from start to finish.

Consolidate all your eBay support tickets into one simple interface

Manage, prioritize, and reply to all your customer messages from one place, and improve your customer support across the board.

Automate your support workflow with complete eBay integration

Save time with workflow automations that help you auto-assign tickets, label messages by topic, auto-reply, and more!

Manage all your eBay disputes, returns, and refunds through ReplyDesk

Handle disputes, process returns, and even issue refunds in all your linked selling channels directly through ReplyDesk.

Use ReplyDesk to connect eBay with Amazon, Etsy, and many more of the world's leading eCommerce channels

ReplyDesk is a true multichannel helpdesk that allows you to connect and manage your eBay customer service inquiries alongside your service tickets from additional selling channels. ReplyDesk enables you to seamlessly consolidate your customer service tickets from eBay, Amazon, Etsy and other popular selling platforms in one place, so that you can offer better service to customers from all selling channels.

A powerful ticketing system ensures that you never miss a customer inquiry, while automated responses and workflow tools help you resolve tickets quickly and efficiently. Plus, with ReplyDesk’s complete integration with leading ecommerce platforms, you’ll be able to easily access all customer data from one place.

Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, ReplyDesk gives you all the tools you need to provide world-class customer service on eBay, Amazon, Etsy and beyond.

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Browse our 10+ integrations for fully integrated customer and order data.

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Customer support tools

Improve your eBay account rating with automatic feedback requests

Feedback requests are a tried and true method of increasing positive feedback, and with ReplyDesk’s automated review system, boosting buyer engagement is now easier than ever. ReplyDesk enables you to send automated feedback requests to customers after purchase and follow up with review requests automatically. Improve customer engagement, account health, and buyer experience with tailored automatic feedback request solutions.

Sell globally and communicate with eBay customers in their own language using automatic translation

With ReplyDesk, you can confidently sell and offer support on all of eBay’s global sales channels. Thanks to built-in automatic message translation, your messages will be translated into the buyer's language. Communicate with buyers on a global scale in their own language, and sell on more channels than ever before.

Customer support tools
Customer support tools

Manage all your eBay and multichannel orders together in one place

With ReplyDesk, you can easily keep track of all your orders from multiple channels in one place. Whether you're selling on eBay, Amazon, or your own website, you’ll be able to view and manage all your orders from one place via our simple interface. Plus, our built-in bulk tracking update and shipping tools make it easy to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently.

eBay customers deserve great customer service!

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A Smart Helpdesk for eBay Sellers to Offer Better Customer Support

Join thousands of eBay sellers who rely on ReplyDesk to boost customer satisfaction and offer better customer support.

ReplyDesk gives you the tools you need to offer your customers great service through a simple, intuitive, and streamlined helpdesk. Our multichannel help desk makes it easy to communicate with your eBay customers, process returns, handle disputes, manage orders, and much more. Plus, a variety of powerful built-in automation features mean you’ll spend less time on administrative tasks, and more time growing your business.


Complete integration with Helpdesk for eBay and 12+ of the internet’s leading marketplaces, webstores, ecommerce sales channels, and social media platforms.

Auto Responder

Built-in auto-responder enables you to provide customized and tailored automatic replies to your eBay customer queries faster than ever before.

Auto Messages

Customizable auto-messaging enables you to create and send personalized messages to your eBay customers automatically.


Stay on top of key eBay trends with smart insights into customer queries, and make informed decisions regarding products, problems, and performance.


Handle eBay disputes, return requests, and order refunds directly through ReplyDesk, and without having to log into any additional platforms.

Email Templates

Smart customizable email templates with complete support for tags enable you to tailor your messages and replies to each eBay customer.

ReplyDesk’s helpdesk makes managing your eBay support simple, easy, and efficient.

ReplyDesk consolidates data from 10+ of the internet's leading marketplaces, webstores, communications platforms, and social media channels, and gives you access to complete end-to-end order data and customer tickets with a single click.

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