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Send shipping updates, automate emails with custom templates, and eliminate repetitive tasks with powerful built-in customer service help desk automation tools.

Automated customer service

What our sellers have to say about ReplyDesk automated help desk.

ReplyDesk help desk has helped us really streamline our customer support operations, thereby reducing our overall response times and enabling us to really bring our customer service to the next level. But the best part is the wonderful team behind ReplyDesk, who’ve been super responsive to all our questions from day one. Overall, highly recommended!

John Hamilton
CMO, ListingArena

One automated help desk for all your customer support channels

Browse our 10+ integrations for fully integrated customer and order data.

ReplyDesk helps you work smarter, not harder

Automatic ticket labelling by customer query topic.

Custom rule-based automations for hands-off support.

Built-in auto-matching between support tickets and order details.

Customizable email templates to streamline messages and replies.

Automatic ticket routing to the correct support agent.

Automated ticketing system
Automated help desk

Improve your team’s productivity and response time

Auto-responder enables you to provide high-quality replies to customer queries faster than ever before.

Automatic translation helps you better communicate with your international customers.

Customizable auto-messaging enables you to send personalized, tailored messages automatically.

More effective workload management for a better workflow

Collision detection prevents your team from working on the same tickets, so you can avoid mistakes and save time.

Team mentions with internal notes ensure that all your customer support agents are up to date, 100% of the time.

Smart spam filtering automatically trashes irrelevant conversations to keep your support inbox clutter-free.

Automate customer support
Customer support automation

Improve your business’ reputation by providing excellent customer service

Auto feedback reminders - request product and seller reviews only from satisfied customers, in full compliance with business and/or selling channel policies.

Agent and workflow insights - stay on top of key customer support trends so you can make informed decisions regarding products, platforms, and agent performance.

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Customer service automation

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